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Mazel Tov Simcha and Shayna!

Hi there. Just a quick note to update you that Simcha and I have been married now for about 3 months! We are both so happy! And to think it was less than a year ago that we found one another on your wonderful website! What a HUGE miztvah you are doing!!!

Thank you so much for being the partner that you are with Hashem!! You brought Simcha and I together to create a full complete neshama that longed so deeply to become complete! IY"H (bli neder) we will send you some pictures from the wedding when we get them back from the photographer. IY"H that should be within another month or so.

I remember when I first looked at your website. I looked at the few pictures you had on your "successes" page.  I cried, because I imagined and thought to myself.... maybe one day that would be me and my zivug! And between Hashem, you, Simcha, myself.... and lots of family.... here we are!!!

Thank you, thank you!! All the best, Shayna Rochel.

FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS... Mazel Tov. Simcha and Shayna's first baby, Menachem Mendel.