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Mazel Tov Elchanan and Nureet!
Dear Mit Mazel Members:

Baruch Hashem, Elchanan of Phoenix has married Nureet of Los Angeles through your website. They are thankful to have had the opportunity of a website that was full of integrity and up to their standards of modesty. They spent two weeks signing up, two weeks e-mailing, and two weeks speaking on the telephone before they decided to meet in person for a Shabbos weekend. From there, they made trips to meet their respective families and became engaged a month later. They got married on the 14th of Tammuz.

Thank You note

Elchanan has a few practically relevant stories that were fundamental in his decision to use only Mit Mazel as his shidduch website. Upon telling his Rabbi that he'd just bought ten tickets for the $200 million powerball jackpot, the Rabbi's reply was, "The Rebbe said you only need one." He went on to explain that all you need to do is make a vessel for a blessing, and then pray that Hashem will fill that vessel.

Another story went similarly. People often gave Elchanan blessings that he should get married soon, and he would always reply, "G-d willing." One person replied, "G-d is willing - are you?"

The final story: a chassid of the Rebbe, Reb Zalmon Jaffe, was once asked how he was planning to build a yeshiva with no money, and his reply was "With the Rebbe's blessing."

The meaning of these stories? Elchanan's Rabbi explained that he didn't need to register for ten shidduch websites to receive a blessing from Hashem, he simply needed to build a vessel - the purer the better. Also, he had to consciously decide that he was ready to receive a blessing from Hashem, which is a simple but enormously important step. Finally, the teaching goes that a blessing from a tzaddik of the generation is equal to a successful outcome, so don't be shy about asking!

So, Baruch Hashem - and it should be Mit Mazel for everyone who takes these same steps!