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Mazel Tov Yaakov and Sarah!

Dear Mit Mazel,

Sarah first emailed me on another website in January of 2004. When I received her email I looked over her profile and I wrote back saying that I was glad she had emailed me, but that I thought we would not make a good match because her profile said that she was not willing to relocate. I had just finished talking to a lady whom I was starting to want to get to know better and then I found out that she was not willing to relocate to Los Angeles -- although her profile said that she may consider relocating.

So when I read Sarah’s profile for the first time and she said that she would not be willing to relocate I had to say “no thank you” to her. I had my own established business and was a residential and commercial property owner in the Los Angeles area. Also I am part of the one of the largest and most loving Chabad Chassidishe communities in the United States west of Crown Heights, N.Y. B”H, I live across street from the mikvah and a few blocks from my Shul. There was no way I was going to move out except when Masiach comes and that would be straight to Jerusalem!

So that was it. I emailed and met with a lot of nice ladies through many different Jewish web sites. I joined Mit Mazel in May. Then in October I was looking through the profiles on Mit Mazel and I emailed Sarah not knowing it was the same Sarah who had emailed me back in January through another site. (Neither of the ads had pictures on them of Sarah.) In her Mit Mazel profile it did say that she was willing to relocate. Since the profiles did not have real names in them there was no way to really know who I was writing to.

We started to email one another and after a few weeks she suggested before we speak on the phone that her Rebbetzin speak to my Rabbi. After my Rabbi spoke with her Rebbetzin we spoke on the phone and we continued to speak with one another until in December I flew over to San Fransisco to visit her for the first time. Thank G-d everything went well on our first meeting. I remember I was so nervous that I got lost in downtown San Francisco, driving my rental car from Oakland airport to pick her up for our first meeting. I did not want to arrive late, so what I did is I drove up right next to a taxi cab at a red light and rolled down my window. I then agreed to pay that cab and I followed him to where I was supposed to meet Sarah on our date. When the cabby got within a block away from our meeting place where I was going to pick her up I paid the cab, thanked him and sent the cab away, took a deep breath and went and picked Sarah up.

Yaakov and Sarah I will not lie to you and say that it was love at first sight. But B"H, the first date went well. I felt comfortable with Sarah just being myself. Also our religious observance was at the same level. We were both single parents of young children close to the same age. Both of us were also Lubavitchers who feared and loved Hashem and wanted to have a stronger connection to Yiddishkeit and Chassidus.

Shortly after that, I flew to see her a few more times and she flew to see me in L.A. I was starting to feel closer to her and the feelings were mutual. We both decided we wanted to be married to one another. So in March I proposed to her and we became engaged to be married.

Sarah spoke with her Rebbetzin because things were getting so good and her Rebbetzin sugested that we email each other once a day and Instant Message each other twice a week for a half our each time and only one phone call per week for not more than one hour per phone call. I did not quite understand it then but I found out later that the reason for this is so that we needed to save most of our past and background for afte