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Mazel Tov Stephen and Rosalie - Mit Mazel's first shidach!
Rosalie lived in Florida and was very close to her local Chabad schluchim. Two years after having been widowed, she visited the Rebbe's Ohel. At the Ohel her letter to the Rebbe, OBM, asked for borchas for her family and for herself. For herself, Rosalie asked that Hashem help her meet a man who is compassionate, worldly, sensitive, and has a desire to marry a baal teshuvah and grow together in Yiddishkeit.

Upon her return to Florida, Rosalie's shluchah recommended that Rosalie sign up with Mit Mazel, Chabad's new shidach network for Jewish singles, where members meet only through their sponsors. At first Rosalie hesitated, but then she realized what a great way this was to meet someone with the same beautiful purpose. And, what a great screening process, too! Rosalie filled out the forms.

Meanwhile, back in Georgia, Stephen who had been divorced for seven years was interested in growing in observance and in meeting a woman for the purpose of marriage. He too was encouraged by his schliach to sign up with Mit Mazel. Stephen did so.

Three weeks after both Rosalie in Florida and Stephen in Georgia joined Mit Mazel, Stephen's shliach got a call from someone who had noticed them in the Mit Mazel database, saying that there is a lady in Florida who seems perfect for Stephen. So, Stephen's shliach, who had known Stephen for five years, called Rosalie's shliach, who had known Rosalie for twelve years. Both shluchim were on the phone for hours discussing the prospective match. The results were unbelievable! Rosalie and Stephen were so alike they could have been brother and sister! These two have got to meet, they said.

Well, Rosalie and Stephen did meet. And four and a half months later their union was blessed under the chuppah when they became husband and wife. They were the first Chabad wedding in Marietta, Georgia. The Chuppah was hand made for them in Crown Heights.

Here is the punch line... At the beginning of this story, it was mentioned that Rosalie went to the Ohel to ask for a brocha that this marriage occur. Well, one week before Rosalie had been to the Ohel, Stephen had also been there asking for the same thing!

It should be Mit Mazel!