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This Jewish dating website Mit Mazel is now for sale. For more information call Naftali at 718-909-1088.

The current version of this site is not fully functioning. Please do not attempt to submit any information.
Become a Volunteer Sponsor

Mit Mazel members should have a sponsor to help them in the process of finding their bashert. A sponsor should be a Chabad Shliach or Shluchah or any other qualified Rabbi or Rebbetzin. But not all Mit Mazel members know an appropriate sponsor.

If you would like to help, you can become a volunteer sponsor for free. We will then add you to our online Sponsors Database, where Mit Mazel members in your area will be able to find you as a potential sponsor. You would of course need to get to know the member before actually becoming their sponsor.

Like any visitor to our site, you can of course also search our Members Database for free.

Please contact us for further details.