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This Jewish dating website Mit Mazel is now for sale. For more information call Naftali at 718-909-1088.

The current version of this site is not fully functioning. Please do not attempt to submit any information.
How Mit Mazel Works
Mit Mazel is Chabad's matchmaking site for Jewish singles of all affiliations who are interested in marriage. We use state of the art technlogy to do traditional Jewish matchmaking. Here is how Mit Mazel works ...

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  View any member's profile
  Email member profiles to a friend or to yourself
  Receive an optional free daily-halacha email
  Have your profile seen by any visitor or member  
  Receive suggested matches from our world-famous Rina the Robo-Shadchan  
  Receive free-form emails from Full members  
  Send free-form emails to Full members  
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  See the contact information (where given) of any member's sponsor    

BROWSE FOR FREE ... Any Visitor can browse our online Members Database for FREE, to find their bashert. You don't have to be a member to do this. Visitors can also email any member's profile to a friend or to themselves, and can subscribe to our free, daily halacha emailings.
BECOME AN ASSOCIATE MEMBER FOR FREE ... No longer necessary, since Full Membership is now also FREE.
BECOME A FULL MEMBER FOR FREE ... by filling out our online Membership Questionnaire. You can then exchange free-form or fixed-form emails with any other member, and see their sponsor's contact information where given.
MAKE CONTACT ... Once you or the other single are full members, you can explore a possible shiddach (i) by using the free-form emails that Full members can send to other members, or (ii) by discussing matters with your own respective sponsors or (iii) by having both sponsors discuss things with each other. Using these channels, you are also free at this stage to exchange any desired contact information with the other member and to communicate directly by phone or via your own email software, etc.
ADD SPONSOR INFORMATION TO YOUR PROFILE ... To maintain the high standards of traditional Jewish shadchanus (and the corresponding major benefits to our members of privacy, security, tznius and the availability of an objective 3-rd party opinion), we require that each member have a sponsor, who will, as needed, act as an intermediary with other members and their sponsors. If you didn't already do so at step 3, you can edit your profile to add your sponsor data at any later stage, but it should be before the first actual meeting with another member, step 6. Your sponsor's information will be visible only to Full members (not to Associate members or Visitors). If you need help in finding a sponsor, see our list of volunteer candidate sponsors.
MEET  ... (Optional)
GET MARRIED ... If things work out, get married and live happily ever after! Please let us know if you do find your bashert through us, so we can include you (anonymously) in our Success Stories section. According to Jewish tradition, when a shidach is made, both sides are expected to make a payment to the shadchan (matchmaker). In this spirit, we respectfully request that if a shidach is made through our service, that both parties make a contribution of at least $250 each. This amount is substantially less than what is expected in normal shadchanus. Your contribution will help us continue this avodas ha'kodesh (holy work) of helping Jewish singles find their bashert.

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