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I feel blessed to have been raised in a healthy, loving, and supportive Jewish family and community. Being home schooled, I was able to really explore who I was as a person and what type of life I wanted to live ... a life of Torah, respect, kindness, and joy. I thank G-D that I have been given so much and have now come to a place in my life where I feel ready to give. I'm peaceful, thoughtful, and strive to make a space where others can be themselves. I recently graduated from a university with a bachelor's degree in health science. Physical, mental, and spiritual health is something that I s ...
I decided to put my profile on Mit Mazel due to an ad I saw in The Jewish Press: "Mit Mazel, where Jewish singles click". One of the best decisions I made in my life. — Ivan
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Simcha and Shayna write ... Thank you so much for being the partner that you are with Hashem!! You brought Simcha and I together to create a full complete neshama that longed so deeply to become complete!
JAFI Award MAZEL TOV Mit Mazel has received a Top Site Award from the Jewish Agency for Israel. We are listed on the JAFI website and we're also featured in their JAFI Magnet magazine.
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Dear Mit Mazel, Thank G-d, today Yaakov and Sarah had a healthy baby boy. Both baby and mom are doing well and may come home in a day or so. Every day we thank Hashem for all the blessing we have in our lives and we will always be grateful to Mit Mazel for helping Hashem to get us married. A million times Toda Raba from Yaakov and Sara, from Los Angeles California.

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